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BC Sailing Member Benefits and Services

As a member of the sailing fraternity you benefit from the knowledge that you have participated in the preservation of your sport and recreation which will allow you to continue to enjoy sailing safely with a minimum of regulation in the future.


Learn to Sail


  • Wet feet program & all Sail Canada Learn to sail programs
  • PCOC
  • MOSS Program – also makes boats available for use during school year, ability to purchase discounted new boats
  • Extensive curriculum, manuals, development learn to sail programs

Learn to Cruise

  • Delivers the Manuals, Instructor Certification, materials for Learn to Cruise Program through several schools in BC

Instructor/Coach Training Programs

  • Coach Development Courses
  • Coach teaching aids – i.e. manuals


  • Regional Training Centers
  • National Team programs
  • BC Circuit
  • Provincial and Regional coach run Camps/Clinics
  • Delivery Canada Summer Games, BC Games programs


  • BC Sailing administers PHRF of BC

Race Management & Judging

  • Programs in Race Management and Judging which help your club to run better races for you.  In addition a portion of your dues is used to train our Provincial, National and Olympic sailing teams
  • Manuals
  • Certification
  • Appeals
  • Sail Canada Racing Rules of Sailing

BC High School Credits Program

  • BC Sailing offers the most comprehensive and extensive BC high school credits for all race officials, racers and coaches.  Up to 28 credits can be accredited to our participants.

Federal Government Liaison

  • Liaison with Federal Government has resulted in sensible legislation for personal floatation devices for small boats. 
  • Other liaison activities dealt with required safety equipment, the rules of the road and operator licensing. (PCOC Program)
  • Holding tank issues
  • Coast Guard issues
  • Access to Boat Loan program

Provincial Government Liaison

  • Access to Grants
  • Access for funding for regional training center athletes
  • Athlete Assistance Program funding
  • BC Provincial School Credit Program
  • National Sports Trust Fund access


  • As a member you are advertised on BC Sailings website as well as the Sail Canada website. 
  • Discount on bulk order for educational materials, and you can carry an account with BC Sailing and have 30 days to pay for them. 
  • Post Employment opportunities or events on BC Sailing website.


Sail Canada Membership Benefits

What is Sail Canada?

Sail Canada is the National Governing body for the sport of sailing in Canada, designated as such by the Federal Government and registered as an Amateur Athletic Association with charitable status.

Established by yachting and sailing clubs in 1931, Sail Canada  now consists of the following:

  • 10 Provincial Associations (PSAs)
  • 255 Clubs
  • 30 Class Associations
  • 34 Camps
  • 1,500 Active Coaches and Instructors
  • 80,000 Active Members

with an estimated 1 Million Canadian Sailors enjoying the sport.


What does Sail Canada do?

Sail Canada’s role is to lead the development of the sport as well as representing affiliated organisatons and their members to ensure the continued safe and rewarding enjoyment of the activity.  In this regard Sail Canada:


  • Develops all aspects of sailing, from high performance sailboat racing to recreational boating, in order to improve racing results at one end and improve the safe enjoyment of boating at the other end.
  • Maintains and strengthens Sail Canada’s education programs, from Wet Feet to Yachtmaster Ocean, including coach education and the PCOC training program.
  • Develops and implement sport science based training and competitive programs for indentified high performance programs
  • Develops and maintains national standards, templates and resource materials for education of instructors, coaches and officials
  • Represents the views of the sailing community at local, provincial and National level
  • Liaises with statutory and non statutory bodies
  • Develops and operates the IRC Handicap System in Canada
  • Administers the  Racing Rules of Sailing through Race Officer, Judge and Umpire Education
  • Provides the entitlement to race
  • Channels funding support to sailing and sailors
  • Attracts and distributes Government funding for High Performance Sailing
  • Monitors National and International developments  (through ISAF and IMO) that may affect Canadian sailors

Membership of PSA/Sail Canada gives members and member clubs:

  • Use of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and Sail Canada prescriptions, and access to the Sail Canada administered appeals process.
  • The entitlement to use Sail Canada and PSA products and services – including National training schemes such as the
    1. ‘Learn to…’ series,
    2. Coach training
    3. Race Officer training
    4. Race Judge training
    5. Race Umpire training
  • Access to Sail Canada and PSA staff for guidance and training for general enquiries and also for specific information within their specialist fields
  • Voting rights at the Sail Canada Annual General Meeting
  • Access to Sail Canada Financial Assistance program, such as donation receipt programs, or funding assistance for high performance athletes,
  • a strong and informed voice to protect the freedoms and interests of members – making representation to national and local government on issues such as wind farms, maritime safety, licensing, fees and environmental matters
  • R.C. Stevenson Boat Loan Fund. This fund was established to assist Sail Canada member clubs in the purchase of sail boats to be used for junior training.
  • Special Insurance rates on Directors Liability, sailing school, and regatta liability insurance


PSAs and Sail Canada are proud to be able to offer all these services for a nominal contribution by our members through their club subscription for considerably less than similar organizations such as US Sailing, RYA, Yachting Australia and Yachting New Zealand.” 


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