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Approved by the BC Sailing Board of Directors – February 25th, 2015

Approved by members at AGM on September 26th, 2015.

BC Sailing Vision

OUR VISION: To make sailing and boating a life-long activity for all existing and new

boaters in BC through excellence in training and competition.


The 2015 – 2020 BC Sailing Strategic Plan is a framework for improving and directing

the Association for the next 5 years. It has been constructed on five strategic priorities

Programming & Opportunities for All, Technical Leadership, Provincial training Center

Facility, Communication, and Club Growth & Development. Since its beginning in 1976

as the governing body of sailing in BC, BC Sailing has a history of providing its member

clubs and sailing schools with the support and leadership to make sailing a leading

sport in the province of BC and bringing athletes to national and international


This plan outlines a set of Priorities and Multi-Year objectives designed to help BC

Sailing focus on activities that will enable it to continue to be a leader in the province.

This Plan is the outcome meetings with stakeholders throughout the province and ongoing

board-meetings as well as a strategic plan meeting in May 2014.

Each of the five Strategic Priorities has been given a set of multi-year objectives to

guide BC Sailing Board and Executive, Committees, stakeholders and staff. Each

objective will be assigned to an individual or

committee to develop a plan demonstrating how they intend to deliver on their strategic

responsibilities. When the Plan is approved by the General

Membership at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, it will be evaluated on an annual

basis by the Board of Directors.

Strategic Objectives

~ supporting healthy life-long sport participation

~ developing athletes who achieve international success

~ training of race officials and supporting higher level training in BC and North America

of ROs

~ establishing and creating a high performance training center in Squamish

~ working with clubs and creating new programs emerging from best practices and the

needs of the clubs and school

1. Programs & Opportunities for All

To provide new opportunities for adults and youth to participate in sailing for the fun and

enjoyment of the sport. In addition, create opportunities that will retain those who were

previously participating but are no longer.

This objective was identified as the greatest potential for growth of the sport.

Opportunities exist to both introduce new participants and retain existing ones.

Specifically the introduction of Salty Sister’s programs, CANSAIL 1-2 on keelboats and

introduction to sailing for school children and special needs students.

2. Technical Leadership

Strong club and provincial leaders and systems to enable the delivery of quality

programs, competitions and training opportunities to sailing participants. Likewise,

participants experience in sailing is affected by the

quality of our leaders. Leaders include; Sailing Instructors, Race Coaches, Race

Officials, and volunteers.

Increasing the number of leaders in identified new areas as well as in existing areas will

be a focus by providing higher level of training through provincial and national courses.

3. Communication

New communication tools and strategies will be developed.

Essential to any communication strategy is making a connection with members

including those who power-boat.

Establishing “Get Into Sailing” tools and links on website to enable new sailors to easily

contact their local clubs or schools or to find a program which fits their needs.

4. Club Growth & Development

Supporting clubs and schools and sharing of best practices is an important mandate of

BC Sailing. Across the province BC, BC Sailing will support programs that increase

capacity in the areas of cruising, power-boating and racing. It is recognized that hosting

of national and international regattas is an important part of sport development in BC

and BC Sailing will seek out opportunities for our clubs to host events.

5. Establishing a top level training center in Squamish

With the relationship with Squamish YC and the Squamish Council, the plans for an

excellent training center and a facility in Squamish has started. This will continue with

the establishment of a committee with local Squamish club members, BC Sailing board

members and high performance coaches to make sure all partners are part of the plan

and that all needs are met in the new center.

Multi Year Objectives

1 Programs & Opportunities for All

a. Bring Salty Sisters to 10 clubs in BC, training 100 women

b. Training 6 dinghy instructors to become CANSAIL 1-2 instructors on keelboat

and to run programs in 4 clubs teaching 100 new sailors which will then members

of the association.

c. Looking at best practices on Vancouver Island and increasing the number of

schools taking sailing lessons at local sailing clubs and schools to 20 schools,

introducing 500 kids to sailing. This includes the programs working with sailors

with a disability and autism.

2. Technical Leadership

a. Provide 10 coach professional development camps with emphasize on provincial

and regional coaches.

b. Host 3 provincial training camps for Under 15, 29ers, para and single handed

sailing with excellence in coaching and leadership.

c. Host Western Canada Sailing Championships and work with ROs to increase

their level of certification through opportunities at home. In addition, train and

certify national level ROs through hosting national and international events in BC.

(Opti Cdns in 2015 for example)

d. Increasing the mentorship program through the high performance coach’s

training camps and professional development.

e. Support high performance coaches taking athletes to international events when

the coach and athletes benefit from the experience.

3. Communication and GET INTO SAILING links on website

a. Communicate with all members clubs and schools to link them to the Get Into

Sailing site on BC Sailing

b. Allow all member schools and clubs to look at best practices and the needs of

the participants

c. Track the searches and see where the needs are met and where needs are the

greatest and support local clubs and schools to establish these programs.

d. Communicating best practices in hosting large events by creating a manual and

educating volunteers through guiding them and supporting clubs while hosting.

4. Sharing of best practices and looking at establishing new programs

a. Face to face meetings with exchange of ideas and needs of clubs and schools

b. Training new instructors and coaches to meet the demands of the new programs

as well as writing these programs.

c. CANSAIL 1-2 keelboat instructor pilot course with a new manual to be written

and used to enhance the learning opportunities for new sailors.

5. Establishing a new training center in Squamish

a. Working with the council to get the plans which is the best for high performance

sailing as part of the map on the water front

b. Fund and support the building of the physical structure in Squamish

c. Have the committee involved in making sure the high performance group has a

terrific sailing site and hosting training camps in Squamish.

Measurable goals:

1. Increasing new members participating in a Sail Canada program or an

introductory program by 20%. This will be measured by the number of seals and

certificates and the membership fee.

2. Train and certify 6 coaches in 2015 in Comp Dev and further strengthen the

mentorship in coaching.

3. Increase level 3 ROs by 20% through regional opportunities.

4. Performance at 2020 Olympic Games, High Priority, one medal

5. Provincial Performance

1. hosting 8 annual BC Sailing Circuit regattas and 3 clinics

2. training groups for skiff, under 15, kites and single handed sailing.

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