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Vision and Mission

BC Sailing Association Vision and Mission

Approved by the BC Sailing Board of Directors – February 25th, 2015

OUR VISION:  BC Sailing will help to make sailing and boating a life-long activity for all existing and new boaters in BC through excellence in training and competition

OUR MISSION:  Through communication and collaboration with our stakeholders, provide leadership, governance and standards to meet the needs of our member clubs and schools.

Promote provincial and high performance sailing and enhance opportunities for all sailors

Being the authority and voice of BC sailors and boaters, race officials and volunteers in Canada

Providing guidance, leadership and support to our clubs and schools

Supporting national standards and provide training opportunities for instructors

Support new initiatives and give input in new programs


BC SAILING GOAL:  To increase the number of people in BC who enjoy the sport through local clubs and schools.

Develop and enhance local initiatives to establish Learn To programs across BC

Promote top quality coaching at club, school and provincial level sailing through training of coaches and instructors

Supporting and implementing Sail Canada’s Long Term Sailor Development as well as CANSAIL programs

Talent identification of sailors and coaches locally and enhancing their opportunities through high performance training and coach training.


BC SAILING GOALS:  to support and enhance programs which support development and excellence in sailing and boating by:

Developing, implementing and supporting training opportunities for coaches, instructors, officials and volunteers to help them deliver the best program for their needs.

Assisting in areas of BC where the sport is starting to develop through the MOSS program and Learn To Sail initiatives.

Working with local clubs and schools to develop the best sailing and boating centers in local communities.


BC SAILING GOALS:  To have strong communication and collaboration with our stake holders by:

Actively engage clubs and schools in the organization through training opportunities for coaches, instructors, race officials and volunteers

Embrace new stakeholders and partner with new organizations such as Boating BC

Actively meet with clubs and schools to help support the needs of the clubs and schools

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Member Clubs
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Vision and Mission
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