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Yacht clubs, sailing associations, and communities who are selected to host the Mobile Optimist Sailing School will have the opportunity to establish a healthy Optimist sailing program with limited risk and no capital costs! Clubs will provide a chance to expose sailing to up to 22 participants per week which will in turn create a local sailing culture for young children, build memberships, and develop a solid foundation for future successful programs.

Clubs can book the Mobile Optimist Sailing School (MOSS) for one or two weeks in July and August (Mon. – Fri., 9:00am – 3:30pm). Age specific sailing lessons designed for children age 6 - 15 will be offered to communities who do not have established Optimist programs. In some circumstances, students as young as age 4 can learn to sail if a Wet Feet Program is offered. No experience is necessary and children do not have to be members to participate.

A school program for Kindergarten through Grade 6 is also being offered in May and June. This is a great opportunity to expose sailing to a large number of youth in the local community in a short period of time and at an affordable cost, further promoting the sport leading up to the summer holiday. Please see the School Program page for details.

MOSS is not designed to compete with existing sailing club programs, but instead to help them eventually offer Optimist programs themselves. Boats will be sold off the trailers every year at approximately $1500 each to help clubs begin their own programs in subsequent years. Ideally, BC Sailing will not need to run this program in 10 years or less.

There are two trailers traveling with each consisting of 8 Optimists, 4 three-seater kayaks and 1 coach boat. All supplies including tools, parts, safety equipment, and life jackets will be provided. Two full-time Canadian Yachting Association certified instructors will be hired by BC Sailing to run the classes from each trailer.

Who can host MOSS?
Why should our club host it?
What weeks are available / where is the school going in the upcoming season?
What are the host's responsibilities?
What are BC Sailing's responsibilities?
What is the fee for MOSS?
How do we start our own independent program after becoming successful with MOSS?
How does our club / community apply?

Who can host MOSS?

MOSS will be hosted where there is a potential for a legacy to be left and motivated people involved to take the torch within several years. Host clubs must also be good standing members of the BC Sailing Association. Communities without an existing club may still host MOSS by joining BC Sailing as a member "school" with an annual fee of $200. For more information on joining, please contact BC Sailing.

Why Should Our Club Host it?

  • Youth sailing opportunities for up to 22 participants in five days
  • Free certified professional coaching
  • Media opportunities
  • Sailing exposure to their city
  • Develop local sailing culture
  • Easy to run
  • Builds club membership
  • Promotes safe boating
  • Limited risk and no capital costs!
  • A chance to establish your very own community sailing program

What weeks are available and where is the school going in the upcoming season?

See schedule

What are the Host's Responsibilities?

  • Print brochures and advertise
  • Register between 16 to 22 sailors
  • Provide 1 mature volunteer (15 yrs to adult) or paid instructor if enrolling more than 16 students
  • Provide suitable teaching facilities, including launching facilities, boat storage, washrooms, etc.
  • Provide emergency contact numbers and an Off-Water Emergency Action Plan (see sample template)
  • Provide billets for the two instructors, or tenting facilities
  • Provide one contact person to act as a coordinator
  • Notify and/or get city and facility approval to run the program
  • Have local presence for the parents (at a minimum, during first and last session each week).

What are BC Sailing's Responsibilities?

BC Sailing will provide:

  • Detailed program information for prospective students and organizers on the website
  • On-line registration and payment collection where coordinators can check their enrollment with ease
  • Liability insurance indemnifying the host site and organizers
  • Assist with design of brochures for advertising if requested
  • Training to volunteers who are interested in becoming certified sailing instructors. Each host may send one volunteer to attend the Fundamental Coaching Course (theory) for free if the same person registers for the Technical and Boat Rescue course. Contact BC Sailing to register. 

What is the fee for hosting MOSS?

There is no fee to host MOSS. Instead, BC Sailing will collect the revenue for the first 16 students. The student fee is $250 (taxes included) and a minimum 16 students are required to run one week of Optimist sailing classes. For subsequent students up to a maximum of 22, clubs will earn $218/student. Therefore, a full class of students can earn a club up to $1308 (6 x $218) per week. That's almost enough to purchase an Opti off the trailer for next year!

Bursaries are available from KidSport to help qualifying families register a student. Please visit the KidSport Page for more information and how to apply.

How Does Our Club / Community Apply?

1.  Complete the host application form and questionnaire and submit to BC Sailing by November 30 of the preceeding year. Applications received after this date will be considered on a first come first serve basis.

2.  BC Sailing will respond to all applications ASAP after this date so that you can begin marketing and registering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A “healthy” number of students must be registered at least four weeks prior to course start date (ideally, at least 16 students). If registration is not looking promising, BC Sailing may cancel the class and refund any students who have already registered. Note this is a last alternative and we’ll do everything we can to avoid it, however, we will not risk running the course at a loss.

Questions? E-mail crew@bcsailing.bc.ca, or call BC Sailing at 604-333-3628.



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