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It's important to have a detailed plan when beginning your own independent Optimist Sailing School. It is expected that hosts will be capable of becoming independent within 2 - 3 years of hosting MOSS so that other communities can begin participating in this program. An indication a host is ready to run a program independently is when they are capable of selling out two weeks of MOSS classes in one summer.

A sample budget is provided (Excel format) showing how quickly a small program can generate a profit which can then be invested back into sailing development in your community.

Sample budget

In this example, just 3 Optimists, 1 coach boat, 1 paid coach, and 6 students per week are considered. Note the recommended student-to-instructor ratio is 6:1 unless the instructor is a very experienced Optimist sailing coach. A weekly capital depreciation rate of 2% per week is included in the weekly expenses. As you can see in this example, a program of this size can pay off all the boats in just 5.5 years without even using weekly profits, which can be generated after 3 weeks in a summer! Play around with the numbers and you'll find Optimist sailing courses can be very successful.

The obvious question is how does a host generate the finances required to create their own program? There are many ways to raise capital in amateur sport. Below are several programs offered by BC Sailing and the Canadian Yachting Association. In addition to this, a list of other sources of funding is provided where amateur sport organizations including sailing clubs have had success.
MOSS Revenues (BC Sailing)
National Sports Trust Fund tax receipt and donation programs (BC Sailing/Sport BC)

Other sources (Note some of these may be outdated and no longer available):

HRSDC Canada Summer Jobs Program (wage subsidies for coaches who are also students)
Government of B.C. Gaming Grants (Click here to view instructional video information sessions on this grant
GM’s Making Dreams Possible
GM Club Coaching Grants
BC Civic Grants
BC Hydro
Local Sport Development Fund (2010 Legacies Now)
Hamber Foundation

Your assistance as part of BC Sailing is requested. It is hoped that if you find out about grants you think might be of some use to sailors or sailing clubs that are not posted here, you will inform BC Sailing and we'll post the information on this page. Thank You!

MOSS revenues:

For every week of MOSS that is sold out, that host will collect a revenue of $1296. The breakdown is as follows:

Student capacity: 22
Number of students that BC Sailing takes revenue from: 16
Number of students the host takes revenue from: up to 6 (= 22 - 16)
Registration fee: $250/student
Per student expenses collected by BC Sailing (ie - book, t-shirt, registration, insurance, etc.): $34
Per student revenue for the host with >16 students: $216 (= $250 - $34)
Possible revenue for host if 22 students registered: $1296 (= $126 x 6)

A host that sells out 1 week of MOSS will qualify to host 2 weeks of MOSS the following year. When these two weeks sell out, the host should be ready to go independent. That's a total of 3 x $1296 = $3888 that would have been generated by hosting 3 sold out weeks of MOSS.

National Sports Trust Fund tax receipt and donation programs:

Through BC Sailing, we are pleased to offer all of our member clubs and schools access to the National Sports Trust Fund (NSTF) tax receipt and donation programs.  This program can be designed to fundraise for equipment at local clubs, help with a capital project or any other support approved by the clubs and BC Sailing.

BC Sailing Clubs and schools can have specific projects where they can fundraise toward their cause.  Each project has to be approved by BC Sailing by contacting Tine Moberg-Parker at tmpsailing@shaw.ca

When somebody wants to donate funds to your project, they send their donation to National Sports Trust Fund and put on the donation form the project number given to the project.  BC Sailing presently has 4 funds for donations for single handed sailors, double handed sailors and boat acquisitions.  When the funds have arrived at your project, a letter goes to the recipient with a copy to BC Sailing stating the amount and a thank you with a tax receipt.  When the club or school sees fit to spend the money, a letter is sent to BC Sailing who gets the money from NSTF and writes a cheque to your club or school or where the money is suppose to go. The process is very quick and relatively inexpensive.  We have had huge success with Corinthian Funds going through the NSTF to allow for tax receipts to be issued.

How do I get an account set up?

Contact Tine Moberg-Parker at tmpsailing@shaw.ca and a project application will be put together which is sent to NSTF for approval.  This project can be a short-term one (buying smaller assets for a Learn To Sail Program) or an on-going project such as fundraising for a new club house.  This process will take about a month.  Upon completion of the process, the project is given a number which has to be attached to each donation to that project.

When can people start to donate?

As soon as the project has a number, money can start to flow to the project.

How quickly can we get our money?

As soon as the money clears NSTF (usually 30 days) the money can be claimed from BC Sailing.

For more NSTF information, please go to their website or contact Nancy Chow at BC Sailing: crew@bcsailing.bc.ca

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