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Race Management Committee

Paul Evenden - Chairman
Steve Brunsden - Okanagan
John Abel - Training
Robert Woodbury - Lower Mainland / Sunshine Coast
Chris Watson - Vancouver Island
Hunter Lowden - Vancovuer

Race Officer Certification

Race Officer Updates January 1st, 2015

To Find an Official

The race management committee trains race officers for both levels of Provincial race management. The program deals with all aspects of event planning and race management. Provincial race officers are certified at two levels:

Assistant Race Officer - ARO
Club Race Officer -  CRO

There are also two levels of National race officer certification available for CRO with two years experience and other criteria as listed on the Sail Canada web site ( Racing/Officials ) Candidates for these positions are trained and certified by the Canadian Yachting Association, they are: 

Regional Race Officer -  RRO

National Race Officer - NRO

Course Description

ARO and CRO are certified by the Provincial race management committee.

RRO and NRO are certified by the CYA Race Management Sub Committee.

The criteria for becoming certified can be found on the CYA web site, under Racing / Officials.

ARO and CRO courses are offered to clubs throughout the season. Courses are designed to accommodate both levels. Clubs may request courses for their venue by contacting the Race Director or Nancy Chow at crew@bcsailing.bc.ca

The ARO course, suitable for those with little experience on a race committee, covers the duties of each job on the committee, with some attention to the structure of racing and the rules. The course takes about 6 hours, for groups of 8 to 25 people.

The CRO course covers the duties of a Race Officer in charge of a race course, including organization, setting courses, starting, controlling events throughout the race and finishing procedures. A person should have some experience on a race committee, or a fair amount of racing experience. The course takes about 12 hours, and is usually given over 3 evenings or on a weekend for groups of 6 to 25 people.

Certification for ARO and CRO is for four years. Re-certification is by application to BC Sailing

Candidates for ARO and/or CRO courses must have a rule book, available through the BC Sailing office or at your club as well as the booklet “Join the Race Committee” which is offered at the seminar at a nominal price.

Course conductors are resident in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna. Please contact BC Sailing at crew@bcsailing.bc.ca for names and phone numbers.

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RM & Judging Courses
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