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The Sail Canada Judges Program trains racers to become qualified, competent judges of the Racing Rules of Sailing and develops protest committee chairs for club races, and significant regional, provincial and national events. Club Judges are certified by the BC Sailing Judge Certification Committee. Regional and National Judges are certified by the Sail Canada Judge Certification Committee. For more detailed information see the Sail Canada Judges Program  and To Find an Official

Certification Levels

Club Judge - J1 - Participate in and/or chair club level protest committees.

Regional Judge - J2 - Participate in and/or chair interclub or regional protest committees.

National Judge - J3 - Participate in and/or chair national protest committees, and manage the pc / jury(s) at national /international events.

It is recommended that interested individuals have an active involvement in racing and/or race management before applying to the program.

BC Sailing Judge Program

The BC Sailing Judge Program is a part of the Sail Canada Judge Program. BC Sailing administers the first level of the National Program and trains and certifies judges at the Club Judge (J1) level for a four year period. The J1 Club Judge is a person who participates in racing, has attended a sanctioned Judges Clinic, is involved with a club protest committee and is currently certified by BC Sailing.

Event Organizers looking for experienced judges who are willing and capable of chairing protest hearings may make a request to BC Sailing. An experienced Club Judge is a person who has served on protest committees for at least one year, has protest hearing experience in the current and/or previous season and is prepared to chair a club protest committee and serve on regional or higher level protest committees.

Club Judge Certification Requirements

Certification for the Club Judge (J1) level is described in the Sail Canada Judges Program on the Sail Canada website.

Other Requirements

On-the-water officiating often requires the use of a marine VHF radio and officials who are active on the water are advised that they must have their Restricted Radio Operators Certificate (Maritime) - ROC(M).

On-the-water officiating also involves operation of powered water-craft and operators must be certified and carry a Pleasure Craft Operator's Card.

Judge Clinics

Certification Clinics for judges are available for groups of 8 or more people. For further information contact sailjudge@telus.net

Official Documents available to Download

Sail Canada Judges Program - PDF

Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 with Changes Highlighted

For a Judge Application Form (word doc) please email us

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